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eyes, nose, lips and jawline; please allow me to stare at you like a good creeper that I am.

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Some of Kim JaeJoong’s 8D moments. He likes taking half-naked selcas, talking nonsense and doing bullshit things etc 

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let’s play a game!

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When I was with Yeo reum, I thought of you. What’s so important about you? You’re fake, but I lost all the real things..

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I really think YG should have just debuted Winner and Team B as a whole 11 member group, and not bother to have the tv show. That way it’s fairer to both teams and the group would be overflowing with talent from both sides.

that moment of “you who came from the stars” reference in high school love on

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Surplus Princess

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More Seungri Photos in Thailand

Me with Asian superstar!!! @seungriseyo #bigbang #asia #southside @southsidepk @kongkaroon

@seungriseyo again and again

another pic from yesterday. after the meeting, took a family photo with the new guest
member @seungriseyo hahaha lol #เดินสายพบประชาชน @kongkaroon #TorPiya

Say Hi! BRO! seungriseyo #welcome #seungri #bigbang #to #BKK

See you again sooonnnn soooooon @seungriseyo !

Occasion like this we need a proper selfie ! Nice seeing u again!! seungriseyo

Source: chakrapol_jax + bim_w + theperignon + newshuashard + Maryjane_jn@Instagram

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BIGBANG x To:ur Imagination 

HD Photos: 1 l 2 l 3

Credit: 韩国旅游发展局成都办事处@weibo

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Bigbang for KTO - “To:our Imagination”

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